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EASI – Elder Abuse Suspicion Index

What is EASI?

The EASI was developed* to raise a doctor’s suspicion about elder abuse to a level at which it might be reasonable to propose a referral for further evaluation by social services, adult protective services, or equivalents. While all six questions should be asked, a response of "yes" on one or more of questions 2 to 6 may establish concern. The EASI was validated for use by family practitioners of cognitively intact seniors seen in ambulatory settings.

Q 1-5 ask of patient: Q 6 answered by doctor.

Within the last 12 months:

1. Have you relied on people for any of the following: bathing, dressing, shopping, banking, or meals?
Yes ❍  No ❍  Did not answer ❍

2. Has anyone prevented you from getting food, clothes, medication, glasses, hearing aids or medical care, or from being with people you wanted to be with?
Yes ❍  No  ❍ Did not answer ❍

3. Have you been upset because someone talked to you in a way that made you feel shamed or threatened?
Yes ❍  No ❍  Did not answer ❍

4. Has anyone tried to force you to sign papers or to use your money against your will?
Yes ❍  No ❍  Did not answer ❍

5. Has anyone made you afraid, touched you in ways that you did not want, or hurt you physically?
Yes ❍  No ❍  Did not answer ❍

6. Doctor: Elder abuse may be associated with findings such as: poor eye contact, withdrawn nature, malnourishment, hygiene issues, cuts, bruises, inappropriate clothing, or medication compliance issues. Did you notice any of these today or in the last 12 months?
Yes ❍  No ❍  Did not answer ❍

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