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Help with the Online Tools

The paper-based Pocket Tools are being updated and converted into Online Tools.

Online Tools Design Objectives:

  1. Printable from any device
  2. Shareable to social media
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Searchable
  5. Ability to Collaborate - visitors can suggest edits

To understand how the online tools work - please review the screen prints with descriptions below:

Screen 1: Tools Landing Page

This is the landing page for the Online Tools. From here you can search the tools by keyword or browse by category. the links at the top of the page take you back to the Home page, French tools page and the Resource Library.

Screen 2: Tools Search Page

This is the search page for the Online Tools and Resource Library.

Screen 3: Printable & Shareable Tool

This is the Online Tool page. To print this page - click on the printer icon (upper right). To share on social media - click on the social media buttons (upper right)

Screen 4: Tools Print Dialogue

If you click on the printer button - a modal print popup will appear - where you can set the print options such as page margins. This popup will look different depending on the browser.

Screen 5: Tools Collaboration Form

At the bottom of the Tools page there is a "Suggest an Edit" toggle. You do not have to be logged in to suggest additions, edits or deletions. We welcome your suggestions.

Screen 6: Resources Landing Page

This is the landing page for the Online Resource Library. From here you can browse the resources by category. These are links to external resources such as Government sites - they are grouped by province.

Screen 7: Resource Page

This is the detailed Resource page with links to the external organization's phone and website. There is a link to suggest an edit or addition at the bottom of the page.

Screen 8: Mobile Version of the Online Tools

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