Rethink Aging

In an ageless society, we will recognize and nurture everyone's value and contribution, at every life stage.

Society has made amazing strides forward in the last 100 years. Among those incredible achievements, people are living much longer.


The number of people aged 60 years+ will soon increase to 2 billion. That number is six times higher than in 1980. Never before have there been so many people in this age group and never before has it been so imperative that society makes room for them. The times are changing and we have to think differently today about the place older adults occupy in society.

There is a great deal of opportunity to be had from this breadth of social change. The good news is that the faster we act on these opportunities, the faster we can all benefit personally, socially and economically.

Job one is to defeat ageism. Ageism is a rampant social problem that is perpetuated, in part, by stereotyping. Currently, the Internet contains the greatest library of images, inaccurately depicting aging in today's world, and this imagery inundates culture every day, through almost every web search. NICE's goal is to start the perception shift by replacing the imagery with current and accurate images of aging in today's world.

By passing our pictures and messages along to the people you know every day, you help eliminate ageism.

Doing so lets us imagine life in a new way. The economy will grow, as business employs more adults 60+ and provides a greater array of products and services to them. Older adults will participate more in every aspect of the economy as their income rises. Many will provide jobs, growing the economy even further, and will be more involved in community and civic affairs. The health care sector will also grow in the areas of geriatric medicine, palliative care, and chronic disease prevention and management. Likewise, the standard of care - more adequate, specialized health care for this age group - will be prioritized and readily accessible. In an ageless society, we will recognize and nurture everyone's value and contribution, at every life stage.

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