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 What is Dementia?

• A group of symptoms affecting intellectual and social

abilities that interfere with daily functioning

• Affects people’s ability to function at work, in social

relationships and in their daily activities

• There are different causes: Alzheimer’s disease is the

most common cause. There are currently half a million

Canadians that have Alzheimer’s disease or a related

dementia and 14% of those are under the age of 65


 What is Early-Onset Dementia?

• Early-onset dementia (EOD) is a term used for people

who develop dementia under the age of 65

• In the early-onset group, the most common diagnosis

is Alzheimer’s disease and the second most common is

frontotemporal dementia (FTD)

• These dementias have been known to develop between

ages 30 and 40, but this is uncommon. It is usually an

adult in their 50s who develops an EOD


Advice for caregivers included.

Early Onset Dementia: Advice for Caregivers


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