ANKE 2018: TRANSITIONS: Aging Across the Life Course

Since 2006, the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange provides a unique opportunity for members of the community, clinicians, academics, researchers, practitioners, students, seniors and business leaders to come together, to network, to exchange new ideas, introduce insights and innovations, and transfer knowledge and best practices with the goal of improving the care of older adults.


This year, the 13th Annual Knowledge Exchange will be a two-day event co-hosted by NICE and Ryerson University’s National Institute on Ageing (NIA) focusing on “Transitions: Aging Across the Life Course”.

The theme of the 2018 Exchange reflects the emphasis of two historic milestones:

  1. The positive and supportive aspects of growing older in Canada that have allowed for transitions to later life with greater longevity, better health, happiness, and financial security.

  2. The fact that the number of seniors in Canada continues to grow and our nation is recognized as an age-friendly ‘nation for all’.


These milestones can be met with hope and optimism, as findings suggest that older adults in Canada are able to effectively manage many of the major life transitions that may be unsettling, and to benefit from the ones that present new beginnings. Older adults are active social and cultural resources for society, yet, aging and its associated transitions are often portrayed as a time of dependence, loss and passivity.


The 2018 Exchange will emphasize Canada remains a ‘nation for all ages’ and that growing older and age-related transitions are celebrated as times of growth, opportunity and development.

This year will feature Ashton Applewhite, a critically acclaimed writer/spokesperson for the movement against age discrimination, this keynote session will be followed by numerous Interactive Workshops, Theme Team Sessions, Exhibitors, and a Student Poster Competition.