Smartphone Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Smartphone Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Common sense tips to make it easier for Seniors to use smartphones.

These tips are focused on optimizing the iPhone but are relevant to all smartphones.

There are no additional apps to install and no extra fees.

These tips use the standard features of a modern smartphone.

At the end of the article are links to web pages and videos with detailed instructions.

Tip 1) Simplify the first page of the home screen and only include relevant app buttons. Move all the other buttons to page 2 or 3. There is no need to show app buttons that will not be part of the daily use.

Tip 2) Make it easier to read the text by increasing the display zoom and selecting a larger font.

Tip 3) Adjust the brightness and contrast to get optimal readability.

Tip 4) Make sure the ringer is set loud enough to hear.

Tip 5) Set up contacts for phone, email, and text. It is so much easier when you have all your regular contacts on the phone.

Tip 6) Activate the voice commands (SIRI) and test if voice commands are preferred to typing on the small screens.

Here are some SIRI Voice command examples

"Hey Siri, text message"

Siri will then ask for the contact name and message, you respond with the name, then Siri will read back the message, you reply with "change", "cancel", or "send".

"Hey Siri, phone call."

Siri will then ask for the contact name and dial the phone number.

From these two examples, you can see the importance of setting up the contact phone number, otherwise you would have to type in the number manually.

Email is a little more difficult as it requires a separate subject line and message.

"Hey Siri - email"

Siri will prompt for contact, subject, and message. If you make a mistake,  it will prompt you to change the subject line or the message. This example is more difficult than the phone and text examples but may be helpful to those who have trouble typing on the small screen.

Other Useful SIRI command examples:

"Hey Siri, Saturday weather?"

"Hey Siri, flashlight on"

"Hey Siri, magnifier."

This app is useful for reading menus or fine print.

"Hey Siri, directions."

Siri will prompt for the location and open the map with instructions.

Siri can be a little frustrating if you combine commands. For best results - keep it simple, speak slowly and clearly - one command at a time.

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Last Updated:
June 15, 2024
Smartphone Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

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