Since 2006, the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange provides a unique opportunity for members of the community, clinicians, academics, researchers, practitioners, students, seniors and business leaders to come together, to network, to exchange new ideas, introduce insights and innovations, and transfer knowledge and best practices with the goal of improving the care of older adults.


This year, the 14th Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange, with a theme of "S/AGE: Social Dimensions of Ageing" will take place on Thursday May 30th, 2019.


This year's program will explore the social responses to peaking populations and issues related to the various positive dimensions of aging, with respect to longevity and quality of life. 


The 2019 Exchange will emphasize that Canada remains a ‘nation for all ages’ and that growing older and age-related transitions are celebrated as times of growth, opportunity and development.


This year will feature a special keynote address, "Innovations in the Science of Aging", by Dr. Kenneth Ferraro of Purdue University. This keynote address will be followed by numerous Interactive Workshops, Theme Team Sessions, Networking Opportunities, and a Student Poster Competition.