ANKE 2014: Rethink Aging Now!

Our conference took place May 21, 2014 at Hart House, University of Toronto, and featured an extraordinary lineup of speakers and presenters who are leaders and innovators in their field and who focussed on topical issues and challenges facing everyone in the field of aging.



“On living a long and full life, with no regrets….”

Dr. Jadad, featured by Time Magazine as one of the new Canadians who will shape the country in the 21st century, is a leading researcher, physician, educator, entrepreneur, and public advocate.  His mission is to enable people to live full, healthy and happy lives through innovative global collaborative efforts facilitated by information and communication technologies.



  • Predictable Responsive Behaviours - Long Term Care and Community with Jane McKinnon Wilson, MScHB and Sharon Stap, RN, BScN, GNC(C)

  • Human Rights & Anti-Ageism in Practice with Susan Somers, Secretary General, INPEA and Dr. Patricia Brownell, MSW

  • The Benefits of Performing Arts Practices with Older Adults and People with Dementia with Aynsley Moorhouse, MA, MFA

  • Preventing Resident-to-Resident Aggression in Dementia with Dr. Eilon Caspi

  • Capacity Evaluation for Admission to Long Term Care: Overcoming Communication Barriers with Dr. Alexandra Carling-Rowland


  • Caregiving – Kinship Grandparenting with Betty Cornelius

  • Dementia Care with Dr. David K. Conn

  • Dental Care – Taking the Bite out of Elder Abuse with Dr. Natalie Archer

  • Elder Abuse – Resident-on-Resident Abuse with Theresa Piccolo and Dr. Lynn McDonald

  • End-of-Life Care – Compassionate End of Life Care for Dementia Patients with Dr. Marcel Arcand

  • Ethnicity and Aging – Ethnic Differences in Acculturation and Health for Older Asians with Dr. Keith Chan

  • Financial Literacy & Economic Security – Fraud Prevention for Older Adults with Constable Patricia Fleischmann, Toronto Police Services

  • Law and Aging – The Rasouli Case at the Supreme Court:  Now Who Gets to Decide End of Life? panel discussion with Kimberley Whaley, LLM,  Mark Handelman, LLB, MHSc(bioethics) and Marshall Swadron, LLB

  • Mental Health – Social Isolation with Elizabeth Birchall, MSW, Executive Director, COPA

Congratulations to the ANKE 2014 Student Poster Competition Winners!!

Undergraduate: Melissa Lee  Poster Title: Non-pharmacological Outpatient Interventions for Benzodiazapine Discontinuation in Elderly Persons: A Systematic Review


Masters: Isuri Weerakkody   Poster Title: Quality of Death and Dying in Residential Hospices


Doctoral: Jacobi Elliott  Poster Title: KT Processes in a Community of Practice for Seniors' Health: The Design and Dementia Case Study