Order Pocket Tools

Pocket tools can be ordered online by NICE members.  Membership is free - please join here.

Please see the Tool Request Form for the printing charges for each tool.

All orders are subject to a nominal prepaid charge for shipping and handling as outlined below.

Please make payment using the Paypal icon when you submit your order. If you are unable to use the Paypal system (which includes the option of paying by credit card), please email us at nicenetadmin@utoronto.ca Orders are shipped within 2-3 weeks, but if you need your order immediately or have a special requirement, please email us at nicenetadmin@utoronto.ca and we will try to accommodate your request.

Tool Request Form

Prepaid shipping and handling charges, as of August 19, 2014

Tool Request Form

total # of tools ordered shipping & handling
1 to 20 $6.75
21 to 100 $13.50
101 to 400 $18.25
401 to 800 $23.50
801 to 1000 $33.75