Mary Fox

Professor Mary Fox has several years’ experience working in acute and long-term care and geriatric day hospital environments. Her research program is focused on the older population with complex chronic disease, a condition in which an individual has multiple illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis. Professor Fox is particularly interested in symptom management strategies since these multiple illnesses and their treatments tend to negatively impact each other, producing many symptoms that tax individual and caregiver management strategies, and reinforce activity reductions. Professor Fox is also interested in examining interdisciplinary interventions based on the Acute Care for Elder (ACE) model of care in preventing functional decline in older adults.

Professor Fox’s methodological expertise includes symptom measurement for the older adult population with chronic disease, and the design and evaluation of health strategies and interventions in the clinical setting using mixed methods. She is skilled in multivariate analyses, analysis of longitudinal experimental data and large databases, and qualitative content analysis.

Professor Fox currently holds a Career Scientist Award from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. She works with multiple decision-makers from the chronic disease unit of theHealth Systems Policy and Relations branch at the Ministry of Healthand Long-Term Care, as well as from the central LHIN, health community centres, and acute care hospitals located in Toronto and the York region.