Theme Team Sessions                     


Caregiving:        Dr. Ariela Lowenstein, University of Haifa   

“Intergenerational Solidarity: Caregiving with Aging Families           

Meeting Room


Dementia Care:        Dr. Pia Kontos, UHN, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute              

“Theatre, Art, and Relational Caring: Challenging Dementia Stigma”    

South Dining Room


Elder Abuse:       Dr. Lynn McDonald, University of Toronto and NICE    

"Into the Light: Results from the Canadian Prevalence Study on Elder Abuse"       

North Dining Room

End-of-Life:   Susan Blacker, University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital  

“Addressing the Psychosocial Needs of Families: What are we missing in Palliative Care?”

Great Hall

Ethnicity & Aging:    Andrea Austen, City of Toronto, Dr. Sander Hitzig, St. John's Rehab, Dr. Raza M. Mirza,  NICE

"Age-Friendly Community Initiatives: Lessons from Toronto"

South Sitting Room


Financial Literacy:     Alan Spratt, Detective, Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit 

"Fraud Chats: Educating and Protecting Older Adults from Scams"

Committees Room   


Law:  Nye Thomas, Law Commission of Ontario          Lauren Bates, The Wellesley Institute

"Substitute Decisions Acts: Modernizing Canadian Laws for Capacity and Consent”

Debates Room

Mental Health:         Dr. David Conn, University of Toronto and Baycrest      

"Education for Optimal Aging: The Fountain of Health Initiative"    

East Common Room    

Performing Arts:        Sabrina McCurbin, Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto, Music Project  

 "Unlocking the Hidden Self Using Music: The Power of the iPod”

West Common Room

Technology:        Samantha Peck, Family Councils Ontario                

"Digital Libraries in Long-Term Care: Early Results from a Pilot Project"


Einat Danieli, Mount Sinai Hospital    

"Dementia Talk App: Using Technology to Empower Caregivers in Managing Dementia Care at Home"

Board Room

        4:30 – 5:00 pm        

Closing Remarks &

           Poster Competition Winner Presentation        

Great Hall

        5:00 – 7:00 pm      


Hart House Quad


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